Predominately raised on the road, he often dreamed of a life as a successful career musician. When he was young, his grandfather would call him onstage, to sing “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

Along with his voice that sounds so much like his grandfather’s, he brings a wealth of stories from his memories of his childhood and of growing up a member of such an iconic family.

Oldest Grandson of Johnny Cash


Thanks to all the fans who came out and supported us on our 2019 "Paradigm of Time" US tour 2019. It was a long, crazy, amazing adventure that we are so blessed to have been on! Without the fans none of what we do would be possible as well! We will be taking some time this summer to do some writing and recording while we plan some really exciting things coming up. So stay tuned and thank you again for the support and love from everyone!




Today, through social media, I discovered you. First Born grandchild for Johnny and June Carter Cash. I wanted to know more and T. G., you have got what your Grandpa and Momma gave ya. Your album has given me goosebumps.

I just cant say enough about this guy!! The talent and versatility of the band feeds my soul!

Great singer and band. TG's songs stand up with Johnny Cash's.


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