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T.G. - as those closest to him call him - is the oldest grandchild of Johnny Cash. Predominately raised on the road, he often dreamed of a life as a successful career musician. When he was young, his grandfather would call him onstage, to sing “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

At 21, he was in the studio trying out his voice. Johnny would say, “Son, you sound a lot like I did when I was younger; work on those vocals.”

Johnny also insisted that T.G. have a back-up option, so he went to the police academy, and into police work.

Life and adversity has kept him from pursuing his dreams, but he has regained control over his life, and is back in the world that holds so much potential for him.

Along with his voice that sounds so much like his grandfather’s, he brings a wealth of stories from his memories of his childhood and of growing up a member of such an iconic family.

Thomas Gabriel
Derek Toa on Guitar
Thomas Gabriel Promo
Thomas Gabriel
Mike Little on Drums and Backup Vocals

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Band Members

Lead Vocals- Thomas Gabriel

Guitar- Derek Toa

Bass Guitar- Stephen Hopkins
Drums and Backup Vocals- Mike Little


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